Ten Argumentative Thesis Statements

1.Many people believe that a significant contributing factor in many on-the-job accidents is fatigue and sleep deprivation among workers. Therefore, to reduce the number of on-the-job accidents and thereby increase productivity, we should shorten the working time so that employees will get adequate amounts of sleep.

2.In an attempt to improve highway safety, the goverment should increase lane widths and resuifacing rough roads, not only lower the speed limit.

3.As more and more comsumers indicate a desire to reduce their intake of foods containing fats and cholesterol, the food-making companies and food stores should provide more low-fat products.

4.In measuring electrical activity in different parts of the brain, researchers found that people who describe themselves as generally happy have more activity in the left prefrontal lobe of their brains than do other people. Therefore, a medication for stimulating the left prefrontal lobe of the brain would be an effective treatment for clinical depression.

5.There is a statistic indicates that drivers have a tendency to drive incautiously when they are close to home, probably because familiar surroundings give them a false sense of security. Thus, the places where people feel safest are the places where they are in fact at greatest risk of serious injury.

6.The proportion of children in the cities who are overweight is greater now, which is much higher than the proportion of children in suburbs. As children in rural areas tend to have more outdoor active chores than children in the cities, the increase in childhood obesity is probably due mainly to the opportunities children have for exercise.

7.The average annual earnings of high school dropouts are significantly less than the average annual earnings of high school graduates. So, to address this problem, the goverment should establish free vocational training programs for high school dropouts.

8.A view is that exposure to particular bacteria early in childhood actually triggers the proper development of the immune system, and that imiting exposure to these bacteria through excessive hygiene can cause children's immune system to overreact to certain irritants later on. And a study supports this view: children who are washed especially frequently and whose parents clean their homes especially frequently are more likely to develop allergies than other children. So in order to reduce the incidence of allergies in chlidren, parents should not limit children's exposure to irritants or bacteria.

9.In many countries, wood is the primary fuel used for heating and cooking, but wood smoke can cause respiratory and eye problems, and extensive use of wood causes deforestation, a major environmental problem. In contrast, charcoal, creates less smoke. And less charcoal is needed to produce the same amount of heat. Therefore, to prove people's health and to preserve the environment, people should use charcoal as the fuel.

10.Students who eat the meals in the school cafeteria tend to eat the main course and the dessert, but seldom finish the vegetable portion. But the vital mutritional benefits ---vitamins and minerals are in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the school cafeteria should serve large fruit and vegetable portions along with smaller main course and dessert portions.

changed May 4, 2008